Swapping Mouse Button Function

Today, I have a little trick which is called “Swap”. Why ? Because we will swap the function of mouse button, it means right click become left click. It’s easy, just type a few words in Notepad. Here is the steps :

  • Open your Notepad :
  • Type this code :

@echo off

rundll32 user32 ,SwapMouseButton Continue reading


Folder Lock using Advance Folder Encryption

Sometimes, we need a software application to protect our important files/documents from loss, being stolen, or other risk conditions. How if the situation is, your friend comes to you to borrow your Laptop / PC, then you don’t want she/he open your privacy / important files, so you must protect your folder where the files are saved right ?

For that situation, I just wanna let you know the application which is described above.  With Advance Folder Encryption, we can do some actions like : lock, hide, encrypt, shred our files, folders, USB drive, or hard drive which we want. Continue reading

Save in *.txt Command Prompt Instructions

If we want the result of our instruction in the command prompt can be saved in .txt (text), at the last word in every instruction we should add “>” and followed by the name of the file. For example :

IPCONFIG /all > E:\hasil_IPCONFIG.txt

So that, the result won’t be appeared in the command prompt, but saved in the drive E: named “hasil_IPCONFIG.txt”. If the folder or the file contain spaces, we must add quotation marks like “”. For example :

IPCONFIG /all > "E:\hasil IPCONFIG.txt"

For cleaning the screen, use the  CLS instruction. After that, to close or exit command prompt, click X button at the right top of the window, or type EXIT >> ENTER.

Some Basic Commands in the Command Prompt

Command Prompt, some of user maybe doesn’t use it. Even they have not know what is command prompt for. But until Windows 8 released, Command Prompt is still included, it show that the features is still important.

The commands start from Windows 9x until Windows 8 are increase, simple commands till complex commads for Administrator in fixing some problems. Here are the examples of command in the command prompt :

To start the command prompt, left click start Menu (All Programs) > Accessories then choose Command Prompt. or the easiest way is through the RUN Menu, then type CMD > click “OK” or press enter.

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