Protect Folder from Virus Attacks

Computer Viruses are so annoying, especially for we who spend your times in front of the Computer. Because of that, our important files which are saved on Flashdisk, Memory Card, Hard disk, etc can be hidden / damaged.

I have a trick to protect your folder from their attack, but I don’t know it works or doesn’t. What Antivirus we’ll use ? No, we won’t use Antivirus, it’s simple. Follow the short steps below :

The Steps :

1.  Prepare a folder which will contain your files / documents.

2. Rename it, press “Alt” and “4″ at the same time, so that appears a square symbol like below :

New FolderTrial

Action Keyboard



3.  The last, you can save your files in this protected folder. (Insya Allah) it’s safe. 🙂

This trick is only for Desktop Computer or Laptop that use a PC Keyboard.

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