Folder Lock using Advance Folder Encryption

Sometimes, we need a software application to protect our important files/documents from loss, being stolen, or other risk conditions. How if the situation is, your friend comes to you to borrow your Laptop / PC, then you don’t want she/he open your privacy / important files, so you must protect your folder where the files are saved right ?

For that situation, I just wanna let you know the application which is described above.  With Advance Folder Encryption, we can do some actions like : lock, hide, encrypt, shred our files, folders, USB drive, or hard drive which we want.

Here the steps :

  • Download the software application Advance Folder Encryption at the link below.
  • Install the application Advance Folder Encryption.
  • Open the application and click “Encrypt File” for protecting files, and “Encrypt Folder” for protecting folders.
  • Follow the next instructions
  • Other way to protect your file or folder is by right click, then choose “Encrypt(E)”
  • Next, set your password, for the protection choose “strength”, and the mode choose “local”
  • The last step, click “Encrypt”
  • The Result :

Advance Folder Encryption is support in Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98.

Here is the download link >> Advanced Folder Encryption 6.50 (Free Trial)

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