USB Security

Now, I will inform you a great software which is to protect your files saved in your flashdisk, in other words, somebody can’t open your flashdisk until he/she knows your password. This software definitely has password protection feature, and I it’s portable. I recommend this application than other same apps because I’ve tried this and it’s good enough. If you want or need this application, go follow the instruction, download the application on the link below and I’ve made a little steps for you :

USB Security 1.65 (Free Trial)

Steps :

  • Install the application USB Security :Click “Accept”
  • After that, there is an installation dialog window like this :Click “Install”
  • Next there will show the installation process :
  • To protect your files in your flashdisk, open the application USB Security 1.65 which is installed in your USB Flashdisk, and then set your password (remember your password), type again to confirm your password, and click “Protect” to finish.All your files are protected by USB Security application now, finally click “Exit” your files, privacy, or datas, are safe.

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