ERROR : When Installing Windows 8, Windows Cannot Be Installed to This Disk. The Selected Disk Has an MBR Partition Table. On EFI Systems, Windows Can Only Be Installed to GPT.

This error could happen not only windows 8, But also windows 7 or server 2008, 2008R2. Before I got the way to solve this problem, I spend my nights to solve it with many ways 😦 , after asking to GOOGLE, I found a work around this problem. I got this at a forum. Thank you very much hehe.

Don’t worry if you have another partition that you don’t want it to be erased. It’s safe.


  1. Download GParted.iso from Gparted-Download
  2. Burn the iso file into a CD or DVD then boot from CD.
  3. Create a NTFS partition using the Gparted or format your existing partition into NTFS format.
  4. The Steps to format a partition into NTFS partition :

    • Boot Gparted from CD

    • It will take few times to boot ..

    • Just keep the default option, press TAB (so the cursor move to OK Button), then hit ENTER to OK

    • Select the language, type “33” (without “”) to choose US English

    • Next, type 0 to select / start Gparted session

    • Click on Gparted just like this :

    • Select the partition you want to format, then right click > format to > ntfs

    • Now look the format has changed into ntfs, but this needs an apply so the partition is fully changed.

    • Wait the process. After applying is finish, go restart your PC then retry to install the OS again normally.

Good Luck 😀

Source : Forum

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