ERROR : When Installing Windows 8, Windows Cannot Be Installed to This Disk. The Selected Disk Has an MBR Partition Table. On EFI Systems, Windows Can Only Be Installed to GPT.

This error¬†could happen not only windows 8, But also windows 7 or server 2008, 2008R2. Before I got the way to solve this problem, I spend my nights to solve it with many ways ūüė¶ , after asking to GOOGLE, I found a work around this problem. I got this at a forum. Thank you very much hehe.

Don’t worry if you have another partition¬†that¬†you don’t want it to be erased. It’s safe.


  1. Download GParted.iso from Gparted-Download
  2. Burn the iso file into a CD or DVD then boot from CD.
  3. Create a NTFS partition using the Gparted or format your existing partition into NTFS format.
  4. The Steps to format a partition into NTFS partition :

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My Desktop Shortcut is Broken / Error, How to fix it ?


Yesterday, my friend told me that his computer was getting some error, its desktop shortcut changed into another icon symbol. And those shortcut was unable to be executed. I tried to find to fix it, and who knows there was an error in the shortcut registry. If I knew the registry well, I would be able to fix it by myself. But I chose to browse it at the internet and I got a pack of registry to fix them. Don’t be panic, don’t re-install your PC / Laptop, just do this :

  • Open and extract the file you’ve downloaded.


  • Double klik the registry file.
  • Restart your PC and shortcuts return to be normal.

Free Antivirus is better than Pro Antivirus (Cracked or Fake)

free antivirus

Based on my experience, Free Antivirus is better than¬†cracked/fake¬†Pro Antivirus. Why ? Because¬†fake¬†Pro Antivirus usually can’t do update officially, due to its fake serial number. Whereas what Antivirus needs to find the virus is its database should be up¬†to date (updated). So that I prefer Free Antivirus than¬†fake¬†Pro Antivirus. In another case,¬†Free Antivirus usually has no internet security feature just like Pro Antivirus has, so we should combine it with a malware / internet antivirus so they properly work together. I feel they do their job as good as Pro Antivirus.

So now, I have some Free Antivirus which I like. I choose to use an Antivirus is depend on : its look, friendly use, sensitivity, easy to update, feature, and Requirement of memory. It doesn’t mean that other antivirus is bad. Again it is your contentment. Here are : Continue reading

USB Security

Now, I will inform you a great software which is to protect your files saved in¬†your flashdisk, in other words, somebody can’t open your flashdisk until he/she knows your password. This software definitely has password protection feature, and I it’s portable. I recommend this application¬†than other same apps because I’ve tried this and it’s good enough. If you want or need this application, go follow the instruction, download the application on the link below¬†and I’ve made a little steps for you :

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