Virtual Machine, Another Way to Make Dual OS

vmVirtual Machine or Virtual PC,  a software-based emulation of a computer. Virtual machines operate based on the computer architecture and functions of a real or hypothetical computer.

A virtual machine is a software computer like a physical computer, runs an operating system and applications. The virtual machine is comprised of a set of specification and configuration files and is backed by the physical resources of a host. Every virtual machine has virtual devices that provide the same functionality as physical hardware and have additional benefits in terms of portability, manageability, and security.

When do you may need virtual machine ? Many situations, if you have a computer with Windows 7 / 8 installed, then you have to install some programs which is incompatible with your current OS, so then you should going to use it. Or maybe you just want to try a New Operating System, but you are unsure to exactly install it on your Harddisk.

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Some Basic Commands in the Command Prompt

Command Prompt, some of user maybe doesn’t use it. Even they have not know what is command prompt for. But until Windows 8 released, Command Prompt is still included, it show that the features is still important.

The commands start from Windows 9x until Windows 8 are increase, simple commands till complex commads for Administrator in fixing some problems. Here are the examples of command in the command prompt :

To start the command prompt, left click start Menu (All Programs) > Accessories then choose Command Prompt. or the easiest way is through the RUN Menu, then type CMD > click “OK” or press enter.

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